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The Park

The Center is surrounded by a park with a wide variety of tree species and evergreen plants, creating an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature.


External Riding Arena

The spacious outdoor riding arena, adjacent to the stables, is suitable for all rehabilitation activities. Friends can comfortably watch the lessons from the arena's edges, where benches have been installed and green areas created.

The riding arena is located in a peaceful area, surrounded by trees and plants. The air is fresh and clean, and the sun shines. Friends can relax and enjoy nature while attending the lessons.

The lessons are conducted by qualified and passionate instructors available to answer questions and provide advice. Friends can learn how to ride and take care of the horses.

The riding arena is ideal for spending time with friends and having fun. It is also a perfect place to improve one's health and well-being.


The animals at the centre also have a designated enclosure to stay in the open area. The enclosure is located behind the carousel, next to the uncovered riding arena.

The enclosure is large and spacious, providing plenty of room for the animals to run and play. It is surrounded by a wall of adequate height to prevent the animals from escaping. The enclosure is also well-ventilated, with a wooden roof that protects the animals from the sun and rain.

The animals at the centre love spending time in the enclosure, where they can run, play, and socialise with other animals.

The centre is committed to ensuring the welfare of the animals. The enclosure is designed to meet their needs and allow them to live a happy and healthy life.


Green Area

We have also ensured that the entire outdoor area of the centre is easily accessible for users and their companions. For this reason, we have created a series of pathways without slopes or obstacles that connect all facility areas.

The Center features extensive scenic plantings, ranging from cypresses along the driveways to oaks and weeping willows. The trees and plants create a natural and relaxing environment, ideal for spending time outdoors.

We have also provided parking adjacent to the Club House for minibuses, making it easier for users to arrive. The parking area is large and spacious, with designated spaces for disabled individuals.

We believe that an accessible and comfortable environment is essential to ensure the well-being of all our users. We are committed to continuously improving our facility to make it more welcoming and accessible to everyone.

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