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The Club House



The main room of the Club House is designed to be a multifunctional space.

Suitable for being used as a classroom, laboratory, or conference room, it is located at the centre of the Club House with double direct access to the outside and is equipped with its accessible bathroom.

It is well connected to the office and reception area and, on the opposite side, to the Relaxation Area and the internal changing room.

Changing Room

The room adjacent to the Relaxation Area is designed to be a comfortable multifunctional changing room. It is equipped with an internal toilet and a shower with a lift, making it suitable for changing clothes or receiving treatments when needed.

The room is also equipped with a medical examination bed.


Relax Area

We have designed a relaxation room for all guests, where they can comfortably read a book on the sofa or chat around a table. The room is equipped with vending machines for hot and cold beverages.

In this room, guests will also have the opportunity to refill their water bottles with drinkable water.


Designed to be welcoming and functional, our reception is available to our guests to register for activities or for any needs or information.

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