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Our Values

Values are our strength. They define what we consider important, indicate the purpose of our activity, and determine the objectives to be achieved.

The passion for art and the world of horse riding is deeply rooted in the Fabrizio Moretti Foundation. Through the integration of both these elements, the Foundation aims to create a unique environment where art and riding come together to promote individual well-being and growth. Art represents an expressive channel for people to communicate, explore emotions and develop creativity. In the context of horse riding, art can be used to enrich participants' experiences through painting, sculpture or other art forms. Moreover, horse riding itself can be considered an art. The relationship between rider and horse requires deep understanding, non-verbal communication and a sense of harmony. The beauty of the movement and synergy between rider and horse can be considered a work of art in itself. Through the combination of these two passions, the Fabrizio Moretti Foundation seeks to offer a stimulating and enriching environment in which people can express themselves artistically, enjoy riding and discover new possibilities for personal growth.


We believe in a multicultural world where people can live together, where diversity is a richness, and where inclusion is a fundamental value. That is why we are committed to promoting a culture of diversity in all areas of our activities, aiming to create an environment of respect and inclusion. We want to value diversity because we believe in the certainty that solidarity is a fundamental principle of respect for individuals.


Professionalism is essential for us. That's why we require and promote:

  • Continual updating and deepening of knowledge and skills. We believe that education and training are the keys to reaching success.

  • Courtesy and respect in relationships. For us, it is important to treat others with respect, regardless of their position or role.

  • Pursuit of economic sustainability. We are committed to working in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment and people.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness in performing activities. We strive to work efficiently to achieve our goals most quickly and accurately as possible.

  • Commitment to carrying out our activities. We are dedicated to working with passion and dedication to achieve the best possible results.

We believe that these values are fundamental for building a successful organisation. We are convinced that by working together professionally and collaboratively, we can achieve great results.


We aim to go beyond mere compliance with regulatory requirements in our work.

We firmly believe that quality is a fundamental value in order to achieve the highest standards in all areas of our activities. To achieve this goal, we not only strive to create a 'culture of quality' with a focus on others but also establish a path of sharing and collaboration.


The passion and dedication that characterise our commitment make us proud of what we do. We firmly believe that our work positively impacts the world, and we are committed to continuously improving our products and services.

Each of us is responsible for supporting and enhancing what we have created. We believe that we can achieve outstanding results by working together, collaboratively and proactively, and by continuing to grow and innovate.

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