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Our Unique Mission


For us, each person being different from one another in terms of gender, culture, religion, or abilities is a resource, a strength capable of generating growth, and it is from this that our idea of inclusion begins.

True to its mission of reducing disparities in terms of wealth and access to specific experiences, the Foundation contributed through the centre and targeted financial grants to strengthen social cohesion.


The protection of the well-being, inclusion, and autonomy of disabled individuals is our purpose. Well-being is also achieved through an environment where one can express and implement mobility, contributing to personal happiness and the right to lead a dignified existence.

Linked to the perception of well-being is the quality of life, which is also influenced by the use of leisure time in rewarding activities.


Regardless of age, accepting one's own disability or that of a loved one can sometimes be challenging. That's why we strive to conduct a functional and targeted process towards proper disability management. For us, the enhancement of one's potentiality lies in respect for others, altruism, and equality.

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