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The Indoor Riding Arena

A safe place for horses, riders and spectators


The Structure

The covered riding arena is a laminated wood structure measuring 20 x 40 meters, equipped with LED lighting and an automatic retractable irrigation system.

The structure has been designed to be sturdy and durable while also providing comfort and safety for the horses. Laminated wood is a natural material that offers the horses a warm and welcoming environment. The LED lighting system is energy-efficient and ensures excellent visibility inside the riding arena. The automatic retractable irrigation system helps maintain a clean and orderly arena.

The covered riding arena is an ideal venue for equestrian events and allows for horseback riding practice in any weather condition. It provides a safe and comfortable space for both horses and riders.

The Tribune

The grandstand, equipped with a ramp with a 5% slope for easy access by individuals with disabilities, has an LED lighting system and an area designated for control operations.

The ramp has been designed to allow everyone to access the grandstand safely and comfortably. The LED lighting system has been chosen for its energy efficiency and durability. The control area has been created to enable operators to efficiently and professionally manage the event.

The grandstand is an ideal place to witness the events at the centre. It is an accessible, comfortable, and safe space for everyone.

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