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Until december 2025, thought the management identified as APS Artax ASD, the Fabrizio Moretti Foundation organizes a wide range of activities open to all, but specifically designed for disabled users.

The fees for the activities are independently managed by APS Artax ASD and, in the spirit of the Foundation's principles, are intended to meet the needs of everyone.

Special attention is given to users with financial difficulties, who are eligible for a complete exemption from any contribution.


Hippotherapy is a therapy that utilizes the horse, a highly sensitive and adaptable animal, to help people with physical, cognitive, and social disabilities during the rehabilitation process. Hippotherapy can assist in improving coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, language, communication, socialization, and self-esteem.

Equestrian rehabilitation

Due to its potential to influence both physical and psychosocial aspects, equestrian rehabilitation emerges as an innovative support modality for more traditional rehabilitation practices. The horse, whether stationary or in motion, offers the rider the opportunity to experience a symmetric, continuous yet variable movement throughout the body. This provides multidimensional stimuli that activate and improve motor and cognitive abilities.

Summer camps

Summer camps are not only the ideal opportunity for those who wish to be in contact with horses during the warm and long summer days but also represent the chance to have an ideal timeframe to create a place of gathering, where new and lasting bonds can be formed.

Introduction to horseback riding

The activity of introduction to horseback riding is a pathway for approaching the world of equestrianism with the goal of helping individuals familiarize themselves with the horse, develop a relationship with the animal, and acquire the necessary skills to ride safely. The introduction to horseback riding takes place in a safe and protected environment, under the supervision of a qualified equestrian therapist.

Contract of Management


The Fabrizio Moretti Foundation aims to promote, directly or indirectly, social and healthcare assistance activities, with a particular focus on hippotherapy. Specifically, the Foundation directs its efforts towards the functional and social recovery of individuals with mental, physical, and sensory disabilities, those in need of therapeutic care, and those in disadvantaged economic, social, or family conditions.

The Foundation has thus established contact with the Amateur Sports Association Artax, a non-profit association aimed at practising and promoting equestrian sports primarily, though not exclusively, for disabled individuals, with the sole objective of pursuing social solidarity goals.

Among other things, the Association is a local reference point. It possesses horses suitable for the disciplines practised, a team of individuals dedicated to horse management and care, and a team of skilled and competent technicians and trainers. The Association declares that all the aforementioned professionals and collaborators hold the necessary qualifications to perform their respective professions.

The Association will directly and autonomously manage all activities, including financial and operational aspects. According to civil, criminal, and administrative regulations, the Association will be solely and directly responsible for the regularity and proper management of employment and collaboration relationships with its workers and/or collaborators. It commits to complying with all applicable labour laws (social security obligations, contributions, insurance, etc.), including occupational health and safety regulations. Additionally, the Association will be solely and directly responsible for the correct execution of activities, including any damages, claims, or requests made by anyone due to the possible interruption of the related service.

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