Hippotheraupeutic Centre

The use of horse riding as therapy was already documented in the IV century BCE in a work by Hippocrates of Cos, who advised long horse rides to combat anxiety and insomnia.  The first scientific documentation on the subject was in 1759 by a doctor, Giuseppe Benvenuti.  However, we must wait until the end of the First World War to see the horse inserted into programs of rehabilitation.

Hippotherapy, or horse riding for therapeutic purposes, finds its indication – beyond the classic pathology of infantile cerebral paralysis, autism and Down syndrome – in the illnesses acquired through related accidents.  The horse, with its extraordinary sensibility, adaptability and intelligence, has always been considered a valid support for rehabilitation as it is capable of sensing the emotions of the rider, and is particularly suited to stimulate the development of residual abilities.

It is for these reasons that the first project of the Fondazione Fabrizio Moretti is to construct in Prato, in the heart of Tuscany, a hippotherapy centre where children and babies who have economic, social, or other disadvantages can access the service.

The design has been entrusted to studio Palumbo e Partners.



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