According to the Statues of the Fondazione Fabrizio Moretti has as its only objective the promotion of activity in the social and heath care sectors with particular focus on hippotherapy.  Specifically, the Foundation orients its activity towards the functional and social recuperation of those with physical and sensory disabilities as well as people who need therapy and have economic, social, or other disadvantages.

The Foundation considers relevant the following sectors, in which they prevail in operating:
• the construction of a centre of rehabilitative activities through the use of the horse as an instrument of physical and motor rehabilitation, the recreational equestrian practice, playful, sporty and, furthermore, therapeutic-rehabilitative to achieve a global recuperation and a familial and social re-entry of the person.
• the promotion and organization, within the scope of its activities, of formative events, training courses, further education intended for medical and social workers, educators, teachers and volunteers.
• the study and scientific research in the indicated areas as well as the dissemination of results through the organization of cultural and editorial events to be used for industry expertise.

The Foundation, as part of its goal, promotes relations, exchanges, collaborations with organizations and institutions – national and international, public and private – stipulating, when appropriate, agreements and conventions or participation in the establishment of national and international bodies.

The Foundation was inspired by a balanced allotment of resources, paying particular attention to areas of great social relevance, working through the establishment of programs and projects of intervention, based on the criteria of multi-annual programming, to be implemented directly or through the collaboration with others, both public and private.

The Foundation cannot engage in diverse activities other than those indicated above, with the exception of those directly related to or otherwise provided by art. 10 paragraph 5 of the Legislative Decree-460/07.

The Foundation is forbidden to distribute, even directly, profits or surpluses, however denomination, as well as fund, reserves or capital unless the destination is not required by law or is not carried out in favor of another non profit organization that, by law, statute or regulation, are part of the same unitary structure.  The Foundation must use any profits or surpluses for the realization of its institutional activities and those directly connected to them.